Directors and Producers


  • Seamlessly block cameras and talent without having to constantly go back and forth to video village to monitor cameras and then return to the set to adjust the action.
  • View and make notes on your script, rundowns, storyboards, animatics and previs images or sequences side by side with the live cameras on set.
  • The ShotGlass™  onboard DVR allows recording of up to 50 hours of content.

  • Live view all cameras. With the touch a button, record and playback all cameras, in full HD with audio, on the tablet’s dedicated DVR.
  • ShotGlass  allows you to work untethered anywhere in the production environment.
  • Stand next to a camera and move easily with it.
  • With a simple touch of the screen, you can instantly monitor any single camera or all of the cameras at the same time, using our multi-view configuration. Switch back and forth at will.
  • Using our proprietary touch screen markers, instantly tag and time-code stamp the recorded content for review at a later time.

Viewing takes

  • ShotGlass  touch-screen navigation instantly cues up your selected takes.
  • No playback delay, your ready to view immediately.
  • No need for talent to come to video village to view a take, you can go to them. It’s faster and more private.
  • Playback each camera separately or all cameras at once, using our multi-view configuration. It’s as simple as touching the screen.
  • Each ultra-light tablet records and plays back independently, allowing each user to work record and view separately
Take selection and notes

  • Instantly select, build and sort the desired takes and send to anyone on the creative team
  • To create time stamped text notes, you can type them with our virtual or wireless keyboard; and or handwrite them with the stylus.
  • For visual notes, you can draw with your finger or stylus, using the telestrator function.

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