Reality Story Producer

ZullaWeb.14.3 (2)

Story producers’ workflow

  • Each producer can view their assigned talent/contestants anywhere in the production environment, with an instantly customizable multi-view camera configuration.
  • Using our proprietary touch screen markers, producers can tag and time-code stamp any recorded moment they want to review now or later. When touched, the markers generate a time-code stamped JPG that is a visual reference of the camera or scene they selected to note.
  • To view a desired sequence, simply touch the JPGs, that aggregate on a timeline at the bottom of the screen, and the recorded content cues up instantly and is ready for viewing.
  • No need to wait for content to be grouped in post, to start the string-out for the edit.
  • Rescreening of content and editorial notes can be made while still on set and continue as users require.
  • Email your selected JPGs, time-code stamped notes, takes and markers to post or anyone on the creative team.

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