Script Supervisor

Scripty Functions

  • Script supervisor has the script on the right side of the tablet’s screen and the cameras on the left side. In this mode, you can input and notate on any PDF documents (script, rundown etc.)
  • To record a take using the script function, touch the script where the dialogue starts and a time-code reference is embedded there. At the end of a take, touch the script where the dialogue stops and a time-code stamp will be embedded at that spot.
  • A colored line, of your choice, will be automatically drawn between the “in” and “out” of any take.
  • To view, select an embedded time-code stamp on the script and simply touch it. The selected take cues up instantly and is ready for viewing. Immediately syncing the script and all notes to the recorded content.
  • To make text notes on the script, open up a dialogue box and use the virtual or wireless keyboard. Or hand write the notes, using the tablet’s stylus.
  • For any visual notes or drawings, use the telestrator feature.
  • Electronically transfer notes from one version of the script to another, instantly. No need to tediously transfer notes manually anymore.

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