• Each member of the coaching staff can monitor, record and playback, in real-time, all of the cameras being used to record the practice and training sessions as well as the games.
  • Coaches don’t have to wait for recorded material to be prescreened and then edited before reviewing with their athletes hours or days later.
  • They can instantly tag and screen the athletes’ performance while they are still in the moment during practice…on the field, on the court, in the gym or even poolside with underwater and above ground cameras displayed side by side.
  • The teachable coaching moment is in real-time and not after the fact. Enabling the athlete to apply the adjustments right away. And then view their performance with the coach instantly.
  • All the material can be grouped, sorted and sent to anyone on the team and staff instantly with all the coaches’ text and telestrator comments. No need for time consuming video post-production, after the practice and training sessions.
  • Content and notes can be emailed instantly from the tablet or archived to a drive.
  • Archive and build a full chronological performance history for each athlete or play from practice to game-day, that is complete with all your notes and or any additional notes from anyone on the staff.



  • Live view all cameras. Latency is 100 milliseconds.
  • With the touch a button, record and playback all cameras, in full HD with audio, on the tablet’s dedicated DVR.
  • ShotGlass allows you to work untethered anywhere in the environment.
  • With a simple touch of the screen, you can instantly monitor any single camera or all of the cameras at the same time, with our multi-view configuration. Switch back and forth at will.
  • Using our proprietary touch screen markers, instantly tag and time stamp any portion of the recorded content for review at a later time.



  • Our touch-screen navigation instantly cues up your selected sequences. No playback delay, your ready to view immediately.
  • No need for athletes to come to you in order to view/review their performance. You can go to them. It’s faster, more efficient, more flexible and more effective.
  • Playback each camera separately or all cameras at once, using our multi-view configuration. It’s as simple as touching the screen.
  • Each ultra-light tablet records and plays back independently. Allowing each user to work, record and view separately
  • Record and archive up to 150 hours of content on each tablet



  • Instantly select, build and sort the desired sequences and send to anyone on the coaching staff or the team.
  • To create time stamped text notes, you can type them with our virtual or wireless keyboard; and or handwrite them with the stylus. For visual notes, you can draw with the telestrator. All notes are time stamped, embedded and accompany the desired camera images.



  • All users can import and store any PDF document in the tablet
  • The documents will appear on the right side of the tablet’s screen and the cameras on the left side.
  • In this mode, you can input and notate on any PDF document.
  • To link a drill, play, pattern or sequence to the PDF document, merely touch the document when the live event starts and a time stamped reference is embedded in the document. Touch it again and it will embed the time stamp at the end of sequence. All recorded events increment automatically for easy reference.
  • To view, select an embedded time stamp on the PDF document and simply touch it. The selected sequence cues up instantly and is ready for viewing. Instantly syncing the document and all notes to the recorded content.
  • To make text notes on the document, you can open up a dialogue box and use the virtual or wireless keyboard. Or you can hand write them, using the tablet’s stylus. For any visual notes or drawings, you can use the telestrator feature.
  • In this mode, you can instantly transfer notes from one version of the document to another. No need to manually transfer notes from one version to the next.
  • Archive and build a full chronological performance history for each athlete or play complete with all your notes and or any additional notes from anyone on the staff.